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In the world we live in we know is a must to understand, and meet the needs of people, we want to create a team of people moved by the basic principles of humanity, respect, sharing and helping.
Sharing our philosophy with them but mostly we want people who join Perfect Holidays have fun with us and our future customers. We seek trust, harmony, simplicity and quality we demand respect.

Commercial Division

To Perfect Holidays commercial division is important because, even though our business is focused on the web with the adverts, our differentiating factor is the deal with owners and tenants.
We need to enhance our tools, reinforce our image with sales calls, or strategic alliances with real estate agencies using our external Advisers.
We are currently in the process of finding business partners and we have agreements in different countries.
Our External Trade Advisers are autonomous and retribution is a fee, depending on the products / services they sell. We give advise and guide for working with documentation to our trading patterns, but not required.
External Commercial Advisor Objectives:

Commercial Property Advisor

  • Capturing Properties (Announcements)
  • Sell ​​Services / Packs

Commercial Advisor Tourists / Visitors

  • Sell ​​stays
Perfect Holidays trusts the sales strategy by external partners, their remuneration is American style

“More you Sell = More you Earn”

Our partners belong to different circles of trust can be individuals, companies, and agencies who choose to represent Perfect Holidays because they identify with us.


Partners Premium Category:

In the event that our partners get a portfolio attractive, we offer good commission


  • Properties must be announced with Perfect Holidays at least 1 year.
  • We will pay commissions to partners at the end of the year or after each client check-out.
  • If there is a cancellation the commission is canceled.
  • Perfect Holidays can modify the "Agreement External Partners 2013" according to market needs.


Complementary Services

When our employees choose to perform housekeeping and welcome, the responsibility is entirely yours and Perfect Holidays falls outside of these services.
Anyway Perfect Holidays must be informed of additional costs added to the rent, the person who made ​​the phone number, email, date and time of service.
Perfect Holidays charges a confirmed booking fee. The amount will be deducted from the commission to the partner.

Perfect Holidays Expansion

If one of our partners wants to continue working on the project at home, feeling entrepreneurial and create Perfect Holidays. Our conditions are:
  • We offer a stake in the company.
  • Responsibility from the creation of the company until the operation is of the future partner.
  • Perfect Holidays offers the image, brand, online platform and corresponding updates to the web.


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